Kickstarter Soon

We have been working secretly and prepared a selection of exciting gifts because MOAR is going to be on Kickstarter soon! 6 more days until we submit our project for review. And now we're back to work!



Shiya is a mighty warrior of the female only race of Ylidia. Centuries ago, her will to save her race from the ultimate evil deluded her into pursuing the forbidden magics of the Essence Realm. Having survived the mystic dimension between life and death, she eventually discovers her newfound powers of unimaginable destructions.

This powerful attack is guided by the wind goddess, Shakara, to seek out her opponent. The piercing attack will bounce off 3 times hitting up to one singular or multiple targets.

Jump away from combat or jump back. Temporarily improves movement speed.

Shiya's physical state becomes hard as a rock and reduces majority of any incoming damages.

Summoning the water's essence, Shiya's body is filled with the forces of vitality allowing her to launch powerful piercing arrows continuously.

Summoning the essence of the water god, Shiya's body becomes one with the deity allowing her to launch even more powerful and precise piercing arrows.

Infused with the power of wind, Shiya greatly improves her attack speed upon each successful attack.

Though a fragile hero, Shiya is a range massive damage dealer. In a match, a player will want to protect her as much as possible. Shiya user will want to fire off Shakara's Guide immediately in a PvP match and follows up with the Essence of Wind building up her damage output as soon as possible. Against hordes of enemies, Essence of Water or Illia(upgraded) are more than enough to take them down. For Shiya, the best offense is the best defense.


MoAR Tutorial - Character Setup

In preparation to releasing our current build for public access, our Experience Designer, Sheena, will do a step-by-step walkthrough video to help you understand how to play the game and how it works. Sign up to our newsletter to stay up to date to our future events.



Xero Quelz, or Xero for short, is the overall all around tactical hero. He is a melee Agility hero and speed is usually his best ally. Being also a damage dealer, Xero is a resourceful asset in bursting down powerful opponents.

While Xero is not excel in any one specific attributes and is fragile to take on any incoming damage, he's extremely dangerous due to his crowd control and survival abilities. Players who use Xero in a match, usually take on the role setting the pace of the game. He can be fast and deadly as well as being slow and absorb large damages. Due to his flexibility, he is usually the first target to go after.

- Zealotry -
Filled with religious lust, Xero temporarily stimulates his senses and physical capabilities. His attacking and moving speed increase considerably.

- Titan's Wrath -
Calling down the forces of titans, each attack shocks the opponent to slow them down.

- Hawk's Eye -
Xero leaps forward instantly and stuns the target with his shield with moderate damage.

- Ancestral Stance -
Xero adapts the ancient way of combat and raises his shield to the front reducing half of any incoming damages.

- Guardian's Will -
Motivated by justice, Xero's attack speed increases in proportion to the number of enemies that approach within his attack range.

- Avenger's Will -
Motivated by hate, Xero's attack speed increases even more dramatically in proportion to the number of enemies that approach within his attack range.

Abilities: Hawk's Eye, Ancestral Stance, and Titan's Wrath or Zealotry

Xero thrives in competitive combat. To start off, the player usually will want to initiate a Hawk's Eye right away to control at least one opponent. If you find out you're being targeted first, you'll want to immediately turn on Ancestral Stance to trade your damage output for survivability (at that moment at least). Titan's Wrath and Zealotry are interchangeable in a match. If you're working with an all damage dealer team, you'll want to go with Zealotry and burst down the opponent team as quickly as possible. If you're fighting against an all damage dealer team, then it'd be safer to go with Titan's Wrath to gain some health.

Abilities: Titan's Wrath, Ancestral Stance, and Guardian's Will or Avenger's Will

Xero is an arena expert though that doesn't mean he cannot handle large crowds. His Guardian's and Avenger's Will are survival abilities that can ultimately turn the tides around in aiding him to last through waves of AI. These abilities grant him tremendous amount of attack speed boost as more enemies pressure in on him. Ancestral Stance can help him survive if his other abilities are on cooldowns while his Titan's Wrath ability can help him gain his health back to last longer.

In all, Xero is a valuable team member to help setting the pace of a match. His flexibility makes him one of the deadliest heroes in any matchup.



Watch Maunka fights through endless terrors with his brute force and survives the haunted holy ground of Zanakan Plateau.

*This is a demo footage of our early build for the game. Nothing here reflects the experience of the final product. This video is taken on a desktop version of the build. While this game is designed specifically for the iPad at the moment, we want players of all platforms to be able to experience it when we release our first alpha version to the public.


Hero Attributes & Combat Nature

We talked about our hero, Maunka last time, but there are quite a few things mentioned that were left unexplained, and today we want to start addressing some of the crucial elements making up a competitive experience.

Heroes focuses on 5 major attributes in combat: Hit Point, Damage, Attack Speed, Move Speed, Combat Nature.
  • HP: or Hit Point describes a hero's life; depleting it would contribute a kill towards the controlling player.
  • Damage measures the power of that hero's auto-attack. 
  • Moving Speed determines how fast the hero can run.
  • Attack Speed determines how fast a hero can execute auto-attack.
  • Combat Nature: is what allows a hero to unleash unique abilities. This attribute is more than just a stats. Heroes are primarily categorized by the two different Combat Natures: Power and Agility.
We talked about one of our Power Tanking heroes last time, Maunka, but what is a Power or Tank hero? Below are more specific categories defining each hero.

Besides relying on auto attack to deal damage to your enemies, abilities are crucial for survival or to deal additional damage.

Larger, stronger heroes use Powers to execute abilities. It always start at 0 and has a cap of 5. Each 2 offensive and incoming attacks will generate 1 power, and 1 incoming ability will grant 1 powers.

Speedy heroes usually utilize Agility for abilities. It always starts at a maximum value of 10. It regenerates itself 1 Agility per 1 second when staying idle or per 2 seconds while moving.

Damage Dealer heroes can burst massive damages in a short amount of time though they are susceptible to receiving large damages in return. You will want to target these glass cannons as priority in any match.

Tank heroes can absorb massive damages and deal moderate attacks to opponents. Speed is usually not of their concerns. Avoid targeting them as priority in a team match.

Range heroes are optimized when kiting their opponent keeping them at a distance while Melee heroes perform their best engaging in close combat.



We're planning to showcase some of the recent video footage of the actual gameplay though our server is currently experiencing major hiccup this week making any gameplay impossible. Instead, we want to use the opportunity to showcase our heroes. Heroes are the focus of the game, and today we want to introduce one of the 3 heroes we're developing for MoAR.

Maunka is a melee tank hero. A tank hero has high survivability and can withstand large amount of incoming damage. Usually when spotting a Maunka on the opponent team, you'll want to avoid targeting him first because by the time he's about to wear down, your team is likely to be terminated already.

A tank doesn't mean he can't do anything else. Maunka can deal just as much damage as he can take it. He is extremely dangerous with his sudden burst of speed and destruction.

While each hero is restricted to equipping only 3 abilities to combat, they all have a maximum of 6 available abilities for our first release with one of them upgradeable (Rage to Demonic Rage in this sense). 

  • Charge: Maunka fearlessly charges forward at an incredible speed generating fiery heat around him dealing massive damages to anyone who comes into his path.
  • Slam: Channeling into the extra-dimension, Maunka draws nearby opponents towards him then slams his mighty fists into the ground to cause massive damage and slow his opponents.
  • Frenzied: Adrenaline drives Maunka fanatic making his next four attacks to burst in an instant the moment any opponent comes in range.
  • Dominance: Maunka stands his ground and does a swirling attack to all targets who come within his attack range. Each target hit regenerates his life.
  • Rage: Summoning all his might, Maunka is filled with powers reducing cooldowns and power requirement to launch abilities.
  • Demonic Rage: Maunka transforms into a demonic raging beast regenerating overwhelming amount of powers and reduce even more cooldowns for launching abilities.

For an Arena match, Maunka's strategy relies on one consecutive successful executions of 3 abilities. For example, against a range hero, Maunka would first Charge immediately to reduce the kiting distance, immediately follow with a Slam. At this point, the opponent HP would be drastic reduced and is now slowed. Maunka can now summon his Frenzied ability, and deal the next 4 attacks in an instant. With the Rage buff, he can chain 2/3 of the above combo without taking a break.

Dominance is his survival ability against the enemy AI. When faced with multiple enemies, Maunka has a way to live. He swirls around and damage everyone around him dealing massive damage healing himself with each successful hit.

In all, Maunka is a high surviving hero with very slow speed, but what makes up for is his sudden burst of monster powers. He makes a great ally but becareful if you see him in the opposing team.


What's a Remnant?

The entire dimension of MoAR exists within the emerging remnants of consciousness from the grand nemesis, Luminati, from our previous concept, Boundless. These are memories of heroes, creatures, environment, worlds that Luminati once was, encountered, or imagined. The remnants of his/her thoughts are coming into form and compete for dominance.

The stars in the background represents a world of its own; some are the size of a house and some can be as big as a continent. MoAR is designed to have a flexible scalability that can potentially include more features such as co-op dungeon crawler, raids, levels for mini games and big cities for trading and socializing. Though our first release is aiming to finish one level, Zanakan Plateau, focusing on the multiplayer PVP gameplay and the survival single player mode.


Where Are We?

It's been 3 months since we say a word, that's because we want to reserve every minute for development to produce a game worthy of your experience. We have now reached the Alpha stage of the development cycle. Regretfully, that's as far as we can go. Don't worry because we're starting a Kickstarter campaign soon to help us through this rough time. It will take some time before we polish a straight forward presentation with rewards that'll worth your while. So in between the break, we'll start sharing some of the recent progress on the game.

We'll begin with a screenshot of a Home Remnant. You may see a black stone, a pool, and a circular stone formation in the image. They are Monuments, facilities that's designed to be a player's home that offer features such as changing/buying your playing heroes, their looks, and abilities for combat.

More are to come. Stay tuned!



MoAR Beta Opt-in

Our game is around the corner, and we'll be releasing 50 beta testing spots for gamers who fear not bugs and drastic changes and want to take a first dip into a mobile esport game. Opt-in now, and we'll notify you as soon as it's ready!

Update [08.14.2012]
Since our release date has been pushed back, the registration is now closed down temporarily. We appreciate those of you who have registered. We'll notify you as soon as we've reached Beta. Thank you.


Move Test

A preliminary character move test for our upcoming game concept. In this video, we'll walk you through our first arena level.

Play this video on an Apple iPad for optimized result.


Remnants of the Past

This is the opening screen for each player. This is a Remnant, or home. There are two different types of Remnants: an Arena Remnant is a combat level that allows players to gain credits by killing AI enemies or against other players, a Home Remnant allows players using those credits to customize and improve their heroes.

This is a concept art for a potential interactive 3D scene. The monolith, pool, and the 3 large stones are examples of Monuments. They provide features such as learning new abilities, changing the current playing heroes or their appearance, and teleport to other Remnants.


It's About Survival

MoAR is designed to have two playable modes: Arena and Survival.

Survival Mode is straight forward. You choose the hero you want to level up, and fight off waves and waves of enemy AI and use the kills as credit to buy new abilities that can eventually help you to get more kills.

Arena Mode allows players to fight against other players. You can use the abilities gained from playing the Survival Mode to play in this mode, however, kills are more valuable gained in Arena Mode and is also redeemable for purchasing new abilities and new heroes. The same ability that will require 1,000 Survival Credit will require 50 Arena Credit.


Moar Game!

We're starting a new free-2-play PVP based mobile game, Might of Ancient Remnants, developing at the same time with our on-going project, Boundless. This is a game project smaller in scale and aims to finish in a shorter amount of time. The character and world settings for this game borrow directly from the Boundless universe. This gameplay is originally designed for Boundless' multiplayer feature, but we decided to make it an entity of its own. Hope you'll enjoy it.